Year 3

March 2022

In Computing, Year 3 have been identifying input and output devices. We were able to classify input and output devices, such as keyboards, mice and monitors and describe simple processes. The children particularly enjoyed designing a fictional digital device with their own inputs and outputs.

October 2021

The children in Year 3 have been creating controllers with the Makey Makeys. They were able to create an alternative inputs for left, right, up and down. We enjoyed playing Pacman and Tetris.


Amber and LucasHere’s our weather reports.

Jonas and Anya

Anya and Edwin

Sophia and Keshav

Ridhi and Anna

Neve and Isaniga

Charlotte and Daisy

Chloe and Mateen

Jaelyn and Ibrahim

Jonas and Anya

Krishi and Emelia


Rehet and Rashard

Fatiha and Matthew

Megan and Dylan

December 2020

As an end of term treat we have been animating names in Scratch.

Have a look at our projects here!

Scratch Club




21st January 2020

The children in Year 3 have begun planning their weather reports. They used Google drawing to create a map of the UK adding fictitious weather symbols.

3rd December

The children in Year 3 have been working hard this morning on their touch typing and their coding in Kodable.


In our topic ‘We are Meterologists’ Year 3 will be taking on the role of meteorologists and weather presenters. This week they designed their weather maps.